Environmental Responsibility: A New Definition

Posted April 6, 2022 | Sustainability |
Environmental Responsibility: A New Definition
By equating sustainability with the reduction of the negative externalities of our industrial processes, ultimately we are assigning environmental responsibility based on a company’s processes. This is meaningful if you are working in the making, moving, or mining of things, but less so if you operate outside of those industries. Thus, we need a new sustainability target that does not limit our collective responsibility to the boundaries of our organizations, as carbon footprinting does, but considers the boundaries of employee consumption.
About The Author
Simon Schillebeeckx
Simon J.D. Schillebeeckx is a Cutter Expert. He is Assistant Professor of Strategic Management at Singapore Management University (SMU). His research focuses on the intersection of digitization and sustainability. Dr. Schillebeeckx is also cofounder of Global Mangrove Trust, a nonprofit that uses blockchain and remote sensing to support mangrove reforestation, and Handprint, a fast-scaling venture whose mission is to integrate a positive impact… Read More
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