An Executive Primer on Big Data

Posted January 26, 2012 | Technology | Leadership | Leadership |

There is big data about Big Data. Every genre of publication (trade press, mainstream business media, newspapers, journals of science for scientists, and journals of science for nonscientists) has run or is running cover articles on Big Data.1 Each article opines about the game-changing and transformative impacts associated with Big Data.

About The Author
Thornton May
Thornton May hosts the Value Studio program at the IT Leadership Academy at Florida State College at Jacksonville, serves as Master of Ceremonies for the CIO Solutions Gallery at Ohio State University, cofounded the Olin Innovation Lab at Olin College of Engineering, and is launching the Value Proposition Bootcamp program for entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and CIOs who would create value with the next wave of technology. He is the author of… Read More
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