Expert Tips from the IT Litigation Trenches

Posted March 22, 2006 | Leadership | Leadership |

Those who have been involved in litigious disputes over failed computer software projects and/or contracts readily agree that, whatever their size in terms of the financial amounts at stake, whatever the facts and circumstances of the contract between the parties, and whatever the conduct of the software development project, software construction and implementation cases present complex, interwoven technical and legal issues -- and therefore prove very costly and time consuming to unravel.

About The Author
Stephen Castell
Dr. Stephen Castell, CITP, is an internationally acknowledged independent computer expert, consultant, and project manager. He is a Medallist, BCS IT Consultant of the Year 2004. Dr. Castell has established a reputation for initiating, leading, or assisting in the building of multimillion-pound businesses in voice and data communications and broadcasting, information, and software services. As an IT expert witness in computer disputes, he has… Read More
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