Failure Is Not an Option; It Comes Standard

Posted August 25, 2021 | Leadership | Technology | Amplify
Cutter Consortium Fellow Robert Charette starts off the issue by looking at failure through an incredibly intriguing lens: what if failure is "the desired outcome of an IT project development and that success is inadvertent"? He then proceeds to set the “conditions” necessary for the pursuit of failure. He then goes on to test — and largely confirm — his “cynical theory.”
About The Author
Robert Charette
Robert N. Charette is a Cutter Fellow and a member of Arthur D. Little’s AMP open consulting network. He is also President of ITABHI Corporation and Managing Director of the Decision Empowerment Institute. With over 40 years’ experience in a wide variety of technology and management positions, Dr. Charette is recognized as an international authority and pioneer regarding IT and systems risk management. Along with being a Contributing Editor to… Read More
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