Farm-to-Fork Transparency: Food Supply Chain Traceability

Posted May 9, 2018 | Industry | Technology | Amplify
Figure 1 — Aspects of the supply chain of highest strategic  importance to food producers.

Blockchain has the potential to transform and disrupt the food and retail industries. Giving access to real-time, auditable, trustworthy information on an immutable ledger about the origin, processing, and handling of food will change how consumers make purchasing decisions, level the playing field for high-quality products, and enable new possibilities in consumer, inventory, and supply chain analytics.

About The Author
Johannes Ahlmann
Johannes Ahlmann is CTO for Claru, which is engaged with Irish and premium food producers to differentiate and substantiate premium product attributes to end consumers via blockchain traceability. Mr. Ahlmann’s area of interest focuses on bringing blockchain and distributed ledger technologies to practical applications, particularly in the supply chain and food industry sectors. He holds a master’s of science degree in computer science from… Read More
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