Ten Cheap Actions to Improve Your IT Performance

Posted February 1, 2004 | Technology |

Do your development projects consistently fail to meet deadlines and overspend on budgets? In effect, do they cause angst from the CEO's office on down? There are many ways to increase IT performance. Unfortunately, almost all of them take lots of time, lots of money, or lots of both. The 10 actions below, however, are different. Each can be taken today, and each is cheap. (Nothing is free.)

About The Author
Kent Beck
Kent Beck is a Cutter Expert; he has been a contributor to Amplify, including guest editor for a two-part series on Extreme Programming (XP) and culture change; and a keynoter, panelist, and workshop leader at the Cutter Summit. Mr. Beck is the founder of XP and author of numerous books, including Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change, Smalltalk Best Practice Patterns, and with coauthor Martin Fowler, Planning Extreme Programming. Mr.… Read More
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