Finding Your Softer Side: A “Manager as Therapist” Approach to Better Teams

Posted June 2, 2022 | Leadership |
corner of office with plants in front of windows, empty yellow upholstered office chair in foreground
In this Advisor, we discuss the idea that managers can and should use softer, psychological skills to build and maintain successful teams.
About The Author
Debabrata Pruseth
Debabrata Pruseth is an IT strategy and architecture consultant. Mr. Pruseth has more than 15 years' experience in IT and management consulting, primarily in the banking and financial services industry. He has worked with C-level executives and top IT management across the globe and has successfully executed consulting engagements in the fields of enterprise architecture, digital, and cloud strategy. Mr. Pruseth has been published in leading… Read More
Pooja Subramanian
Pooja Subramanian is an author and technology consultant. She has more than 10 years' experience in finance and operations consulting across diverse domains. Ms. Subramanian is the author of the book Twigs Entwined, which used the narrative mode “stream of consciousness.” She has been published in leading international journals and has presented at major conferences. Ms. Subramanian is currently pursuing the field of psychology and working on a… Read More
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