Five Steps to Digital Transformation

Posted December 17, 2015 in Business Technology & Digital Transformation Strategies, Digital Transformation & Innovation Bootcamp Cutter Business Technology Journal

Cutter Fellow Steve Andriole suggests five steps to successful corporate digital transformation. These have emerged from the DT efforts we've seen over the past few years and from the cumulative understanding of enterprise program management that has evolved over the past 50 years. Some of these steps are obvious, but some are not. Put another way, not every company can -- or should -- be digitally transformed. So before setting up an "Innovation Lab" or funding huge DT projects, do some homework.

About The Author
Steve Andriole
Dr. Stephen J. Andriole is a Fellow with Cutter Consortium’s Business Technology & Digital Transformation Strategies and Data Analytics & Digital Technologies practices and the Thomas G. Labrecque Professor of Business Technology at Villanova University. His specialty areas include digital transformation, emerging technology trends, cloud computing, social media, technology due diligence, software IP valuation, business technology… Read More
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