Force for Good: Market-Based Social Activism for Sustainability

Posted April 26, 2022 | Sustainability | Leadership | Amplify
Helen Chen brings our focus on process and mechanisms to the domain of market-based social activism (MbSA), in which a business seeks to align its activities with moral principles to drive positive change at the society scale. Chen presents the Pyramid of Forces for Good framework that can be used to better organize MbSA to develop a “market for virtue” in which morally sound business activities outcompete those that are morally questionable. A market for virtue applied to green performance is based on three building blocks: (1) valid and reliable green-performance measurement, (2) fair and equitable green-performance valuation, and (3) efficient and scalable green-value apportionment. Establishing a market for virtue would make green practices economically profitable, fundamentally changing the economic system that currently makes unsustainable practices more economically profitable than green practices.
About The Author
Helen Chen
Helen Chen is a researcher and consultant in corporate sustainability. Prior to joining academia, she worked in global supply chain management in different countries and regions. Dr. Chen’s research and consulting interests include standardization of sustainability performance measurement, humanitarian logistics, and sustainable supply chains. She earned a master of science degree in supply chain and logistics management (with distinction) from… Read More
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