The Front-End vs. Back-End Dichotomy Is Dead

Posted March 27, 2013 | Leadership |

Expanding agile in development to end-to-end agile was always a tricky business. You could, of course, drive success in agile downstream, using your success in development as the lever for change, provided you had carefully thought through three major aspects:

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Israel Gat
Dr. Israel Gat is an expert in Agile and Lean methods, devops, software governance, technical debt and technical due diligence. He served as Cutter Fellow and the Director of the Agile Product Management & Software Engineering Excellence practice from 2008 until 2015, and now splits his time between consulting and writing. Dr. Gat has received many accolades from clients, such as “His approach is the only one I’ve found that actually works… Read More
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