The Future of Electric Vehicle Charging: Ask the Experts

Posted July 15, 2021 | Industry |
EV charging station

The electric vehicle (EV) charging market stands on the threshold of disruption. The public EV charging market is still in an embryonic stage but will offer tremendous growth opportunities in the next years. By 2030, more than 50% of all newly registered vehicles will be electric, triggering a huge demand for EV charging solutions. This will, in turn, create a multi-billion dollar business.

About The Author
Thomas Knoblinger
Thomas Knoblinger is Manager at Arthur D. Little (ADL), based in Munich, Germany. His expertise is in the automotive industry, specializing in e-mobility, automotive suppliers, and the independent aftermarket. Mr. Knoblinger also focuses on holistic technology assessments, new business models, carbon composites and lightweight technologies, and the future of automotive sales. Prior to ADL, he held positions at Ricardo Strategic Consulting and A.… Read More
Alexander Krug
Alexander Krug is a Partner at Arthur D. Little (ADL), based in Munich, Germany. He has extensive experience in the automotive industry, specializing in Mobility 4.0 projects, digitalization, and customer experience management. Mr. Krug has successfully completed more than 30 projects in the area of e-mobility (technology strategy, new business models, system solutions, customer experience) for OEMs, suppliers, and mobility service providers. He… Read More
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