Geo-Jurisdictions: Myths, Realities & Complexities

Posted October 3, 2018 in Data Analytics & Digital Technologies Cutter Business Technology Journal

Steven Woodward explores in depth the issues of data residency, using the term “geo-jurisdictions” to describe the intersection of geographical and legal boundaries that place constraints on the handling of data. Woodward begins by alerting organizations that falsely believe that data residency is not a concern for them. From this warning, the author moves on to concrete recommendations about policies that should be put in place for various service and deployment models as well as the need for a thorough geo-jurisdiction analysis.

About The Author
Steven Woodward
Steven Woodward is founder and CEO at Cloud Perspectives, helping companies and governments effectively and transparently plan for cloud and digital transformation opportunities using advanced tools, frameworks, and international standards. He is a member of the NIST/IEEE P2302 Intercloud Interoperability and Federation Working Group, the ISO/IEC SC38 Cloud Computing and Distributed Platforms Working Group, and the ISO/IEC SC7 Working Group. As … Read More
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