Got 20 Minutes? Discover 3 Roadblocks to Digital Business

Posted February 26, 2020 in Business & Enterprise Architecture, Business Technology & Digital Transformation Strategies
3 roadblocks

According to Cutter Consortium Senior Consultant Mike Rosen, there are three main roadblocks to digital business:

  1. Lack of an agile architectural approach
  2. Limited data accessibility, integration, and quality
  3. Inability to accommodate new requirements for speed, scope, and scale.

Mike Rosen begins this short, focused online session by briefly describing each roadblock. Then he polls the audience about which one they see as the greatest barrier to digital business and expounds upon the most baffling roadblock. Can you guess the most common answer? Put aside only 20 minutes to discover a couple of nuggets of information that can clear the path to digital business for your organization.


About The Author
Mike Rosen
Mike Rosen is a Senior Consultant and former Director of Cutter Consortium’s Business & Enterprise Architecture practice and a member of Arthur D. Little's AMP open consulting network. He is an accomplished architect, analyst, and technical leader with extensive experience in digital transformation, enterprise architecture, business architecture, service-oriented architecture, product strategy and development, software architecture,… Read More