From Grassroots Initiatives to Agile Launch Pad

Posted April 25, 2019 in Business Agility & Software Engineering Excellence
Business Agility & Software Engineering Excellence

Almost every organization has some room for grassroots Agile initiatives; projects for which no mandatory process has been defined or organizational units where managers are less interested in how their teams work than in whether they deliver expected results. Launching an experiment with an Agile delivery process is therefore relatively simple. It takes a project, a team motivated to try (or demonstrate) how an Agile approach works, and a project sponsor willing either to play the role of product owner or to appoint one. Such a project does not really challenge the status quo; its results are uncertain, so even naysayers tolerate it. In this Advisor, we share some of the challenges of taking such an initiative.

About The Author
Borys Stokalski
Borys Stokalski, a Cutter Consortium Senior Consultant and partner in the digital business design studio RETHINK, is a seasoned advisor, manager, and investor with over 25 years of experience in building and managing one of the leading consulting and IT solution implementation companies on the Polish market, recently acquired by a European Top 10 software integrator. Today, Mr. Stokalski remains an active advisor and investor focusing on the… Read More
Aleksander Solecki
Aleksander Solecki is a partner in the digital business design studio RETHINK, where he develops digital transformation skills in the areas of Agile and innovation. He is an experienced consultant, Agile coach, manager, and entrepreneur. For last 17 years, Mr. Solecki has been using Agile approaches in practice, supporting the transformation of Polish enterprises. He can be reached at
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