Executive Report

Greening IT: Need & Opportunities

Posted August 3, 2021 | Sustainability | Leadership | Technology |
More than a decade ago, Cutter Consortium introduced the concept of green IT in an Executive Report and outlined IT’s role in creating a sustainable environment. The topic has become all the more important and relevant today. In this Report, we provide an updated, holistic view of greening IT and how we can — and should — embrace IT to address the environmental challenges we face.
About The Author
San Murugesan
San Murugesan (BE [Hons], MTech, PhD; FACS) is a Cutter Expert and a member of Arthur D. Little's AMP open consulting network. He is also Director of BRITE Professional Services and former Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE's IT Professional. Dr. Murugesan has four decades of experience in both industry and academia, and his expertise and interests include artificial intelligence, quantum computing, the Internet of Everything, cloud computing, green… Read More
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