Executive Report

Guiding the Adoption of Artificial Intelligence with Business Design

Posted December 19, 2019 | Technology |

Senior leaders are feeling the push from shareholders to continue driving their organizations forward, but is AI the answer? Just because AI is front-page news, is it right for your organization? Are the implications truly understood? These questions and more are crucial for leaders as the AI evolution continues to shape the next wave of work. Clearly, AI will profoundly transform our lives in the years ahead. Finding the balance between opportunity and implications is key to our success as well as to our future. This Executive Report explores these opportunities and implications, discusses how business design can be a crucial guide for AI, and provides key recommendations for moving into action.

About The Author
Whynde Kuehn
Whynde Kuehn is a Cutter Expert, a member of Arthur D. Little’s AMP open consulting network, and Managing Director of S2E Transformation Inc. She is also a Fellow at the Institute for Digital Transformation and author of the book Strategy to Reality. Ms. Kuehn is passionate about bridging the gap between strategy and execution. She has extensive experience in enterprise transformation and planning and was a key player in one of the largest… Read More
Mike Clark
Mike Clark is a business designer and digital technologist. He is the founder of Cohesion 360, a boutique innovation consultancy that helps organizations evolve their businesses to deliver maximum customer and business value in a digital age. Mr. Clark excels at seeing natural connections and bringing clarity and simplicity to complex business and customer problems. He combines depth with pragmatism, creativity, and innovation with a focus on… Read More
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