Executive Update

Hackology: The Study, Science, Profit, and Loss of Hacking

Posted September 22, 2015 | Leadership | Technology |

What we need is a description of hacking that omits the good/bad distinction because, as this Executive Update points out, exactly the same activities can be positive or negative. This Update provides a judgment-neutral guide to hacking to help you understand what hacking is about and how to facilitate its use (for good) and prevent its misuse.

About The Author
Jesse Feiler
Jesse Feiler is a developer, consultant, and author specializing in Apple technologies. He is the creator of Minutes Machine for iPad, Saranac River Trail app, and the forthcoming Trails & Places app. As a consultant, Mr. Feiler has worked with small businesses and nonprofits on such projects as production control, publishing, and project management, usually involving FileMaker and iOS Core Data. His books include: Introduction to SQLite for… Read More
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