Happier and Healthier, with the Heart of Agile

Posted April 22, 2019 in Business Agility & Software Engineering Excellence Cutter Business Technology Journal

In her article, Andi Graham describes how those at her digital marketing agency started working actively with clients, co-planning and co-designing with them. These new behaviors required her staff to expose their doubts and uncertainties to clients. Resistant at first, employees saw the difference in speed and quality of feedback, improved client relations, and higher efficiency. This story shows Agile adoption through small steps with wide-ranging effects.

About The Author
Andi Graham
Andi Graham is founder, CEO, and Managing Partner at Big Sea, an Agile digital marketing agency based in Florida. Big Sea focuses on marketing for complex, service-based B2B companies all over the US. Ms. Graham is frequently found on stage at marketing conferences or online as a podcast guest, delivering content around digital marketing, workplace culture, and the rise of Agile marketing. She can be reached at
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