Hard Push on Soft Skills for Global Leaders

Posted March 23, 2010 | Leadership | Leadership |

For those of us who love and work with technology, it can be very difficult to relate one-to-one beyond the superficials, because doing so makes us emotionally vulnerable. However, that level of authenticity is required if leaders are to influence and persuade others to agree with and implement their ideas and visions for results. This is particularly true when the leader is less knowledgeable than the followers doing the project tasks.

About The Author
Martha Lindeman
Martha Lindeman has been helping IT projects exceed their user-experience goals since 1985, when she received her PhD in psychology from Harvard University. Dr. Lindeman has consulted on, coached, and led successful projects in a wide variety of industry domains and government agencies. As President of Agile Interactions, Inc., she specializes in helping people achieve their goals for people-to-people and/or people-to-technology interactions.… Read More
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