Executive Report

Holacracy: A Complete System for Agile Organizational Governance and Steering

Posted June 30, 2006 | Leadership |

The emergence of agile techniques fundamentally shook the world of software development. It changed not only the practices of software development, but also our understanding of how to think about the process in the first place. It helped evolve our mental models of what software development is really all about. This shift has taken firm root in the software industry and for good reason.

About The Author
Brian Robertson
Brian Robertson serves as a board member and trainer for the Holacracy training and licensing firm, HolacracyOne, in addition to his full-time job as CEO of Holacracy pioneer Ternary Software. Ternary is an award-winning provider of outsourced software development and process consulting services, with a focus on helping clients harness the benefits of agile techniques in software development and delivery. The company has ranked among the 50… Read More
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