How Are Your IT Governance Practices Evolving?

Posted November 24, 2009 | Leadership |

We've observed considerable interest in "IT governance" lately. For example, we've just completed a Cutter Benchmark Review (CBR) survey on the current IT governance practices around the world. We've also written several Advisors about the results and the interest we've seen in clients.

About The Author
Bob Benson
Bob Benson applies more than 40 years of academic and corporate experience to assist companies and government agencies in understanding the business value of IT, strategic and financial IT management, strategic IT planning, effective IT application development, and IT governance. He has written more than 100 Cutter Consortium Advisors on business technology strategy and IT governance as well as additional Executive Reports, Updates, and Cutter… Read More
Tom Bugnitz
Tom Bugnitz's specialties include business and organization transformation through information systems, information systems organization management, technology planning, the impact of new and emerging technologies, the impact of technology on business strategies, information systems operations, strategic systems applications, and leadership for executives. Mr. Bugnitz has lectured widely on these subjects and has codeveloped methodologies in… Read More
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