Human-Centric Approach to Rapid and Disruptive Changes

Posted November 8, 2018 in Business Agility & Software Engineering Excellence

Disruptive changes within a company can result either in a spectacular rise if done right or an abrupt decline if not handled well. People are at the center of every change. If employees do not connect with their organization, do not see the need for change, do not buy in to the leadership’s vision, or are not motivated, any change will fail. For employees to see value beyond the defined work parameters, they need to feel connected to the company. Connection, respect, and trust will help a company maintain employee support for the changes that a company wants to implement. In this Advisor, we discuss in brief two such initiatives that brought about drastic increases in employee support and participation.

About The Author
Jagdish Bhandarkar
Jagdish Bhandarkar is a technology geek with 20+ years' industry experience with various Fortune 500 companies. He is the CTO at SLK Software Services, responsible for driving the company’s technology vision of continuously enhancing innovation on behalf of customers at a global scale. Dr. Bhandarkar has authored various articles for journals and conferences. He earned a master’s degree in engineering and a PhD from MIT. Dr. Bhandarkar is an… Read More
Namratha Rao
Namratha Rao is a techno-change management expert with nearly two decades of industry experience. She is AVP of Product Engineering Development at SLK Software Services, where she heads the organizational change management, product development, and applied innovation areas. A thought leader and practitioner in “blue ocean” strategy, Ms. Rao has led many initiatives in SLK’s Value-Based Advisory Services to create a differentiation for SLK and… Read More
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