Increasing Your Odds: Creating Better Business Cases

Posted January 31, 2008 | Leadership | Cutter Benchmark Review

Studies continue to show that as many as 70% to 85% of IT investments fail to deliver the expected benefits [3, 4]. Our research and work with companies over the last decade have shown us that the preparation and use of a comprehensive and robust business case is a major contributor to improving the success rate of IT projects. The results of the Cutter survey presented in this issue of CBR underline this fact; better business cases not only increase the chances of getting investments funded, but they also increase the overall business value delivered from projects.

About The Author
John Ward
John Ward is Professor of Strategic Information Systems at Cranfield University, School of Management (UK). Cranfield is a postgraduate university with an international reputation in the fields of engineering, aerospace, and manufacturing technology. Its School of Management is one of Europe's leading business schools. Mr. Ward's main interests are the strategic uses of IS/IT, the integration of IS/IT strategies with business strategies, the… Read More
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