The Increasingly Vital Role of Business Storytelling in Leadership

Posted June 22, 2022 | Leadership | Amplify
Lori Silverman explains how leaders can use stories to create greater engagement with staff. She says that seeking different communication patterns enhances relationship building and reverses stress levels in some team members. Silverman demonstrates how executive storytelling can be used to establish direction and motivate teams.
About The Author
Lori Silverman
Lori Silverman is Shift Strategist and CEO of Partners for Progress, where she has helped enterprises from 16 to 1 million in size strategize about their future; navigate messy, complex changes; make smarter decisions with data; and lead with story. Since 1991, Ms. Silverman has worked in 25 industries, with such enterprises as Chevron, McDonalds, Target, American Family Insurance, Wells Fargo, Phillips North America, and the US Air Force. She… Read More
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