Replicating Innovation Across Business Units

Posted August 19, 2021 | Leadership |
aerial view of small groups of people with talk bubbles over some of them
Replicating best practice across business units is fundamental to improving innovation performance, but research shows that it happens far less than expected. Learn why this happens — and how businesses can overcome the challenge.
About The Author
Ben Thuriaux
Ben Thuriaux is a Partner at Arthur D. Little (ADL). He works across ADL’s Technology & Innovation Management and Utilities & Alternate Energy practices and heads up the Energy practice’s Competence Centre in Technology, Innovation, and Digitalization. Mr. Thuriaux focuses on strategy, technology, and innovation management diagnostics and adapting innovation management best practices; organizational design and change (in energy and… Read More
Frederik van Oene
Frederik van Oene is a Senior Advisor to Arthur D. Little (ADL), where he was a member of its Technology & Innovation Management practice prior to his retirement. With extensive experience of ideation processes, he focuses on helping organizations enact the changes required to improve performance and realize their objectives. Mr. van Oene has extensively worked in innovation, R&D and technology management, strategy implementation, and… Read More
Elis Wilkins
Elis Wilkins is a Strategy Consultant with Arthur D. Little, where he is a member of its Technology & Innovation Management practice. 
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