An Innovative Frame of Mind

Posted May 1, 2006 | Leadership |


In our recent survey, we asked people to tell us about a particular instance of their use of IT as a tool for, and a source of, innovation in their business. In his article, George describes and interprets these data as they give us specific insights into the shape and vigor of IT innovation in the real world. I'm taking a somewhat more distant view, rearing back a bit for a glimpse of the whole. I'm looking more at questions raised than at answers presented.

About The Author
Lee Devin
Lee Devin is a retired Cutter Consortium Senior Consultant. Lee's background in theatre brings a unique perspective to the challenges faced by IT managers and managers in general. Lee is Professor of Theatre, Emeritus, and Senior Research Scholar at Swarthmore College, where in 1970 he founded The Theatre at Swarthmore College and taught the first "studio" courses (acting) ever offered there for academic credit. Lee is also Senior Dramaturg at… Read More
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