An Introduction to Doing Business with India

Posted January 8, 2008 | | Amplify

India is one of the powerhouse countries of this century -- of that there can be little doubt. Its huge and diverse population is a growing opportunity, and the country''s highly skilled, business-savvy workforce makes it an attractive business partner. As companies increasingly beat a well-trodden path to India's shores, many are finding that doing business in India is not as simple as signing contracts and producing products.

About The Author
Kari Heistad
Kari Heistad is the founder and CEO of Culture Coach International in Newton, Massachusetts, USA. Diversity has been the hallmark of her work, and her experiences have brought her into contact with world leaders, inner-city youth, nonprofit organizations, and businesspeople. Ms. Heistad specializes in making the issues of cross-cultural awareness and organizational development engaging and insightful to her clients. Her approach makes these… Read More
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