It Takes a Village: Collaborative, Community-Based Process Ownership

Posted August 2, 2017 in Business & Enterprise Architecture
Business & Enterprise Architecture

Success can be achieved by groups of highly talented individuals — heroics in action — but only in certain situations for limited periods of time. This is not repeatable or sustainable. Striving for the goal of sustainable improvement requires a more structured approach supported by technology. This can enable teams of “mere mortals” to perform and feel like superstars.

About The Author
Mike Gammage
Mike Gammage has worked in performance improvement consulting and business process management for more than two decades. With Nimbus Partners since 2003, Mr. Gammage has held various roles and serves currently as VP Market Development. He is particularly interested in the overlap between two very dynamic worlds: (1) process and performance improvement -- the drive across all industries to standardize, improve and automate; and (2) sourcing and… Read More
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