"It's Not Easy to Create an AOL"

Posted January 19, 2000 | Technology |


20 January 2000

by Ed Yourdon

Jim Highsmith, one of the members of the Cutter Technology Council has made a number of "mega-trend" predictions about e-business; one of them is that e-business initiatives will cause significant (and largely un

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Ed Yourdon
Ed Yourdon was cofounder, with Karen Coburn, of Cutter Consortium. Ed served as Fellow of the Cutter Business Technology Council, and Founding Editor and Editor Emeritus of the Cutter IT Journal. He chaired Cutter's Summit for many years. Mr. Yourdon is widely known as the lead developer of the structured analysis/design methods of the 1970s. He was a codeveloper of the Yourdon/Whitehead method of object-oriented (OO) analysis/design and the… Read More
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