Knowledge Graphs & General Collective Intelligence: Shifting to Industry 5.0

Posted August 10, 2022 | Technology | Amplify
Andy E. Williams looks at how human-centric functional modeling (a way to allow computers to solve general problems) could be used to create KGs capable of providing compete semantic models of systems, enabling us to transition to Industry 5.0. He defines Industry 5.0 as a world in which far greater integration is possible, including functional computing approaches like GCI. Although the emergence of GCI isn’t guaranteed (it could end up in a technology gravity well), it would bridge type 1 and type 2 reasoning and lead to a radical increase in our ability to solve every problem.
About The Author
Andy E Williams
Andy E. Williams is chairman and CTO of Nobeah Technologies and founder and Executive Director of Nobeah Technologies Foundation. He is an expert in general collective intelligence (GCI) and human-centric functional modeling (HCFM). As a social entrepreneur, Mr. Williams focuses on understanding the equations underlying human challenges, so that by changing those equations, the problems solve themselves. His research on how to overcome the… Read More
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