Knowledge Graphs Meet Blockchain: Boosting Productivity in Industrial Products with Trustworthy & Explainable ML

Posted August 10, 2022 | Technology | Amplify
Cigdem Z. Gurgur looks at KGs in the context of blockchain. The article begins with background information on how KGs have been used in advanced analytics and their role in helping AI developers. Gurgur then shows how blockchain’s immutability and verifiability offer designers a way to advance KGs to produce more reliable results. The blockchain/KG combination is an ideal one to build more explainable AI systems, she says. Finally, Gurgur explains how KG-enabled information systems can be used in industrial settings to enhance product development lifecycles, improve factory safety, and enhance information systems to the point where employees need less technical knowledge to perform their duties.
About The Author
Cigdem Gurgur
Cigdem Z. Gurgur is Associate Professor of Decision and System Sciences at Purdue University, and a member of Arthur D. Little’s AMP open consulting network. She is a data and management science expert with experience in optimization models under uncertainty and decision support systems development with algorithmic theory design. Dr. Gurgur’s work utilizes meta-analytics, computational models, and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques for… Read More
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