Lacking and Longing in the Workplace: What Undermines Employee Happiness?

Posted April 8, 2020 | Leadership | Technology | Amplify
Bill Fox explores why so many employees are disengaged in the workplace. Fox has been exploring this for several years, engaging business leaders on their thoughts on what employees lack and long for in their work environment. From his research, he defines several themes that may provide new, untapped avenues for greater employee happiness, engagement, and, ultimately, customer satisfaction and business results.
About The Author
Bill Fox
Bill Fox is the founder of Forward Thinking Workplaces and Space Beyond Boundaries. At Forward Thinking Workplaces, he leads a global narrative that's uncovering exciting new perspectives to help people succeed and be forward-thinking leaders building workplaces of the future — today. At Space Beyond Boundaries, Mr. Fox helps people enhance their ability to lead and work from the inside out. He believes forward-thinking narratives will define… Read More
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