Is Lean the Path to Releasing the Competitive Business Potential in Knowledge Work? -- Opening Statement

Posted April 24, 2013 in

We are now a handful of years into the second major wave of Deming adoption. This time people are truly "getting it." We've learned much over the last 20 years from complementary disciplines like cognition, complexity theory, and systems thinking, and it has validated and helped us understand the insights of Lean pioneers like Deming, Shigeo Shingo, and Taiichi Ohno. Real-world evidence has shown us that Lean is broad and deep enough to improve our delivery of value across the whole lifecycle and in all domains -- including, and perhaps especially, IT.

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James Sutton
James Sutton is a trusted advisor to C-level executives and senior managers, with expertise in helping leaders turn their existing understanding about their organizations into better business performance. The jobs that companies are having to do in IT, and in every field, are just getting bigger and bigger... James Sutton   He is President of the Lean Systems Society (formerly the Lean Software & Systems… Read More
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