Lessons from the Cubicle

Posted March 29, 2006 | | Amplify

It is sometimes very useful to go out to a customer's office and sit in a cubicle right in the heart of the action. You get a very real perspective on the dynamics of the organization. It is a feeling unlike those you are spoon-fed in meetings. You learn the real problems, and the real problem solvers. I recently undertook an assignment and wound up at a very nice desk, right outside the room with the coffee pot. Fascinating.

About The Author
Andy Maher
Andy Maher is an IT professional who concentrates in enterprise architecture, business intelligence, metadata management, systems integration, knowledge management, and solutions for a whole range of impossible problems. He has written extensively on data warehousing and systems architecture. Mr. Maher has spent the last 10 years working “in the channel,” involved in all aspects of the distribution business, with a concentration in BI and B2B… Read More
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