Lessons Learned from Building-Performance Digital Twins

Posted April 30, 2023 | Technology | Amplify
Digital twin building performance
Ruth Kerrigan and her colleagues describe the application of digital twins to building-performance twins at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. They discuss tracking electricity and heating performance in campus buildings and lessons learned, many of which are organizational in nature, not technological. The authors conclude with a methodology for the deployment of performance digital twins and recommendations for addressing some of the issues they encountered.
About The Author
Ruth Kerrigan
Ruth Kerrigan is Chief Operating Officer at Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES), where she is responsible for growing the R&D division through national and EU funding programs. To date, the R&D division has acquired 51 projects across EU FP7, Horizon2020/Horizon Europe, InnovateUK, and Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI). Dr. Kerrigan works closely with IES’s CEO regarding the company’s strategic direction. Previously,… Read More
Fiona Bradley
Fiona Bradley is Professor of Structural Engineering Design and Head of Civil Engineering at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. Previously, she was Course Director for the Building Design Engineering (BDE) undergraduate program at the University of Strathclyde, Scotland, as well as Director of Architectural Technology. Prior to academics, Ms. Bradley was a structural/civil engineer for Arup, working on a wide variety of civil engineering… Read More
Simon Bell
Simon Bell is Director at HLM Architects, where he is board sponsor of HLM’s Landscape Architecture discipline as well as the strategic leadership of teams in Belfast and Dublin, Ireland. He is also HLM’s Sustainability Champion, driving the ambition of the practice to deliver truly sustainable places that contribute positively to the global environment. Mr. Bell is particularly focused on how projects respond to their context, support… Read More
Amisha Panchal
Amisha Panchal is Project Manager at Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES) and has been involved in the Innovate UK–funded eDigiT2life project, the European Commission–funded ENSNARE project, and the StepUP project. In this work, she coordinates the achievement of project objectives with various partners, such as public authorities, research organizations, and commercial organizations, aligning these goals with product development objectives… Read More
Lorraine Robertson
Lorraine Robertson is Director at HLM Architects, where she leads by example and mentors the team, sharing her expertise to ensure the success of future leaders. With a genuine passion for stakeholder engagement, Ms. Robertson thrives on converting the ambitions and aspirations of clients into reality, with particular emphasis on the healthcare and education sectors. She can be reached at
Gillian Brown
Gillian Brown is a PhD Researcher at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. She is an accomplished energy manager with more than 13 years’ experience in public sector energy management. Ms. Brown’s current area of research is in the development of positive energy building groups of mixed-age construction. Previously, she was Energy Manager at the University of Glasgow, where she was responsible for the optimization of energy sources and active… Read More
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