How Banks Are Leveraging "Know Your Customer": 2 Case Studies

Posted March 5, 2019 | Technology |

“Know your customer” (KYC), a key process for banks today, remains, in most cases, a very costly and long process. Most challenges lie in the efficiency of verifying customer-provided information. With digitally verified claims, verification can be improved, accelerated, and replicated on a large scale. KYC and digitally verified claims open new business opportunities for banks to act as validators for other organizations. This Advisor explores two case studies of KYC implementation.

About The Author
Shivani Raghav
Shivani Raghav is a Technology Strategist at Cisco Systems, where she works on innovation projects in the areas of Internet of Things (IoT), privacy, and cloud infrastructure. She has a PhD in computer and electrical engineering from Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland. She can be reached at
Jari Koivisto
Jari Koivisto is a Strategic Engineer at Cisco Systems. He has a broad technical background, from digital signal processing software development for mobile phones to due diligence for acquisitions to strategies. Currently, Mr. Koivisto concentrates on due diligences for Cisco’s M&A and privacy strategy. He can be reached at
Frank Michaud
Frank Michaud is a Technical Leader at Cisco Systems. He is an embedded and distributed security technology expert with more than 15 years’ experience. Mr. Michaud currently focuses on privacy, Internet of Things (IoT), and fog computing security. He leads fog computing security and privacy innovation projects with engineers, innovation centers, partners, and startups. Mr. Michaud serves as cochair of the Security Working Group of the OpenFog… Read More
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