Make It Better: How mHealth Can Benefit Clinical Trials

Posted October 27, 2020 | Industry | Technology |
Make It Better: Leveraging mHealth in Clinical Trials
This Advisor provides a glimpse into the mHealth market and select innovations and benefits of mHealth adoption in clini­cal trials.
About The Author
Ben van der Schaaf
Ben van der Schaaf is a Partner at Arthur D. Little, based in New York City. He is an experienced management consultant and advisor to the pharmaceutical industry with an international background in finance and general management. Mr. van der Schaaf focuses on the life sciences and healthcare sector, specifically working in pharmaceutical R&D and commercial operations. His expertise includes post-merger integration, complex program delivery… Read More
Pan Xi
Pan Xi is a Management Consultant at Arthur D. Little (ADL), based in Boston, with expertise in the life sciences, consumer goods, and healthcare industries. In the healthcare and biopharmaceutical sectors, Ms. Xi has experience advising clients across clinical development, clinical operations, and quality and compliance. Her recent healthcare projects include the development and implementation of an end-to-end inspection and risk management… Read More
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