Is a Long-Term WFH Strategy Really Necessary?

Posted August 13, 2020 | Sustainability | Leadership |
Is a Long-Term WFH Strategy Really Necessary?
Even those who recognize the advantages of a cloud-based remote access platform over a VPN might argue that the current WFH solution is a temporary anomaly. In that case, why not just muddle through with a VPN until things get back to normal?
About The Author
Mark Lee
Mark Lee is CEO and cofounder of Splashtop, a maker of remote access and support solutions for professionals, managed service providers, IT departments, and help desks. Under his leadership, his company has raised over US $50 million from investors, including Storm Ventures, DFJ Dragon Fund, NEA, and SAP Ventures. Previously, Mr. Lee was founder and CEO of OSA Technologies, which was acquired by Avocent in 2004 for over $100 million. Before… Read More
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