Look Beyond ROI in Early-Stage AI Projects

Posted October 21, 2021 | Leadership | Technology |
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Nearly all software projects are premised on understanding user needs and requirements. In our experience with clients, we typically address this phase by working with prospective users to develop use cases. What are some common use cases? Well, it depends on the company, but we’ve seen use cases primarily fall into four categories for early-stage, toe-in-the-water AI compared to full-scale ML efforts:

  1. Market and consumer intelligence

  2. Sales and marketing

  3. Pricing and optimization

  4. Customer care

About The Author
Steven Kursh
Steven Kursh is an Adjunct Professor in the School of Engineering at Vanderbilt University and an independent consultant focused on the software industry and intellectual property. He is a former Senior Consultant with Cutter Consortium's Business Technology & Digital Transformation Strategies practice. Dr. Kursh has extensive experience in software development, software project management, contract performance, intellectual property, and… Read More
Arthur Schnure
Arthur Schnure is an independent technical consultant focused on healthcare, health insurance, and state government architecture and performance, including cloud and on-premise software implementations. Mr. Schnure's software startup background and experience with large mission-critical software deployments provide real-world practical expertise needed to address the growing challenges in SaaS cloud applications. He is a licensed Professional… Read More
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