A Look at Mitigating Risk in 2020

Posted October 1, 2020 in Business Agility & Software Engineering Excellence
A Look at Mitigating Risk in 2020
We buy fire insurance for our homes not because we expect a great return on the investment, but because the modest fee is a hedge against catastrophic loss. In light of the risk lessons learned thus far in 2020, increased investment in risk management going forward seems prudent.
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Payson Hall
Payson Hall is a consulting project manager and founding member of Catalysis Group, Inc. Trained as a software engineer, he has performed and consulted on various hardware and software systems integration projects in both the public and private sectors throughout North America and Europe during his 40-year professional career. Mr. Hall's consulting clients have included the US State of California, Hewlett-Packard, Motorola, IBM, the Federal… Read More
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