Making Data Ready for Business Disruption

Posted July 14, 2021 | Technology | Amplify
Myles Suer and John Wills address how to ready data for analysis and competitive advantage. They compare and contrast how legacy companies differ from startup enterprises in terms of data history, governance processes, and management experience. They explore in great depth the importance of properly cataloging data for eventual strategic use. An important lasting lesson of their article is the importance of people in maximizing the business results from any data strategy and technology investment.
About The Author
Myles Suer
Myles Suer is Director of Solutions Marketing for Alation, where he aligns company offerings with the needs of data customers and industries. Previously, he was responsible for product marketing of Informatica’s Intelligent Data Platform. At HP/Peregrine Systems, Mr. Suer led a product management team applying analytics and big data to IT management products. Prior to this, he held leadership positions in startups and large companies. He is the… Read More
John Wills
John Wills is the Field CTO at Alation, where he focuses on strategic customer and partner advocacy and support of strategic opportunities while closely following industry trends and insights to craft corporate strategy and product priorities. Previously, he led Alation’s professional services organization with responsibility for service delivery, service portfolio development, and service partner enablement. Mr. Wills has 30+ years of… Read More
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