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Managing Change: Leveraging the “Nature of People”

Posted March 18, 2019 | Leadership |

Our behavior style is based on other people’s perceptions of us, not on how we see ourselves. There is no good or bad style. We all, unconsciously, seek out others who have a style similar to our own, and we can all tell, again unconsciously, who has such a style and who doesn’t. Having the knowledge to predict the interaction problems we may encounter with other people provides us with a basis for improving the quality of our interactions. This improvement in our “situational awareness” gives us the ability to better control the outcomes of our interactions with others.

About The Author
Scott Stribrny
Scott Stribrny is a Cutter Expert and a leading figure in the world of process improvement. With over 30 years’ diverse experience, Mr. Stribrny is the cofounder, President, and Managing Director of Group Atlantic, Inc. His current interests include change management, new paradigms for organizational design, and technology-based competitive strategy. Mr. Stribrny advises companies on how to adapt modern software development techniques to fit… Read More
Jim Stanton
Jim Stanton is the founder of Perception Management, Inc., and the creator of the Perception Analysis Methodology, a noninvasive process for the discovery and validation of the “ground truth” in organizations. He has more than 50 years’ experience in improving technology utilization, team building, and managing change. Mr. Stanton is also the founder of three successful consulting firms and an advisor to several CIOs, CEOs, and startup companies… Read More
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