Managing Highly Talented IT Workers

Posted September 30, 2008 in Business Technology & Digital Transformation Strategies Cutter Benchmark Review

In this article, we examine the characteristics of 'highly talented' IT workers, specifically in regard to how they are motivated and how they can be effectively (and ineffectively) managed. The observations and conclusions drawn stem from the results of this CBR survey as well as from my observations of the experiences of highly talented IT workers and conversations I've had with them over the course of my career.

About The Author
Tim Stone
Tim Stone has been in the IT industry for 28 years. He graduated from Illinois State University in 1980 with a degree in applied computer science. Mr. Stone has been a university staff worker, has worked in the financial sector, and has worked for a large software vendor, in addition to teaching advanced computing subjects at the university level for 10 years. He is a highly talented IT worker, who has been the lead engineer for large system… Read More
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