From Many Models to One

Posted April 29, 2020 in Business & Enterprise Architecture
From many to one
Many organizations today struggle with a strong disconnect between their business model and their IT systems, data distributed over a large number of nonintegrated IT systems, manual interfaces between incompatible applications, or difficulties with EU GDPR compliance. We can trace most, if not all, of these issues back to an abundance of unspecific, inflexible, and non­aligned data models underlying the applications these organizations use to conduct their business. Often, these data models have been developed with insufficient business involvement and in isolation from each other — or have been purchased from vendors with little concern for the actual needs of the organization. In this Advisor, we briefly describe the origins of some of these issues.
About The Author
Christian Kaul
Christian Kaul is a data modeler, writer, and event organizer based in Munich, Germany, who focuses on designing, implementing, and maintaining data warehouses. He has several years’ business intelligence experience in various industries, including healthcare, insurance, tourism, and telecommunications. Mr. Kaul’s project roles have included data modeler, data warehouse developer, project manager, and support team lead. With a keen interest in… Read More
Lars Rönnbäck
Lars Rönnbäck is a researcher in divergent information at Stockholm University, Sweden, and a consultant in information modeling. He has been working with some of the largest organizations in Sweden and their challenges as far back as Y2K. Over the last decade, Mr. Rönnbäck’s research has focused on how to manage information that is uncertain, imprecise, conflicting, and varying over time. This research has resulted in new modeling techniques… Read More
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