DevSecOps: 7 Metrics to Measure Culture Change

Posted January 27, 2021 | Technology | Amplify
DevSecOps change
Orga­nizational culture change is disruptive, but along with implementing a DevSecOps culture, the integrated security, and the automation, the comfort we crave is just as accessible. Communication and transparency allow DevSecOps and organizational culture change to thrive, facilitating its continued relevance and growth. But how do we measure culture change? In this Advisor, we identify a logical set of seven incremental steps to measure culture change.
About The Author
Kristin Curran
Kristin Curran is Culture Transformation Officer at Cloud Perspectives. With a background in anthropology and education, she brings an objective and holistic mindset to the tech sector. Ms. Curran’s areas of focus include data classification and categorization, data governance, geo-jurisdiction, and culture change. She has been a contributor with the Object Management Group and has participated in Canadian standards for data governance. Ms.… Read More
David Lipton
David Lipton is an independent consultant partnering with Cloud Perspectives, serving as the spiritual guide to DevSecOps. He brings many years' experience consulting to international clients as a software measurement consultant, offering independent estimates, monitoring and controlling in-flight projects, establishing portfolio plans, providing functional sizing, procuring and managing vendors, developing practical contract bids, and… Read More
Steven Woodward
Steven Woodward is founder and CEO at Cloud Perspectives, helping companies and governments effectively and transparently plan, secure, architect, deliver, support, and monitor cloud and digital transformation opportunities using a highly automated portfolio of solutions and expert specialists to help simplify and expedite compliant, secure solutions, cost effectively, while anticipating and addressing the necessary culture and process changes.… Read More
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