The Mindset of a Successful IT Professional

Posted September 21, 2011 | Leadership |

We have written this article thinking mainly about the IT department of the future and the IT profiles needed. Management of IT could free business growth or restrain it. But this depends more on the setting of IT roles and the management paradigm chosen than on the proper use of IT tools.

About The Author
Gabriel Capmany
Jose Pedro Pagano
Jorge Ronchese
Jorge V.A. Ronchese is CEO of Suival, the business-IT consulting firm that is Cutter's representative in Argentina and Chile. Mr. Ronchese's wide view of IT/IS management has inspired the Suival Unified Model (SUM) and the metaphor and concepts of Information@risk, a general framework for security of information for companies under ISO 17799 (ISO 27001). He has also developed the "Future Value Tree" thinking tool, a simple graphical method that… Read More
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