Seeking Value Creation? Find Out What Humans Need

Posted May 12, 2020 in Data Analytics & Digital Technologies
Find Out What Humans Need
With the dawn of the 21st century, we have begun to observe a more inclusive digital shift in value creation, with the transformation of business as well as societal systems due to an emerging phenomenon: a new computing paradigm that has introduced myriad Web and mobile-based applications aiming to fulfill society’s primary and secondary human needs. None­theless, many attempts to develop social computing applications to facilitate value creation have failed. We have created a human needs fulfillment (HNF) model that enables an optimum fulfillment of human needs, resulting in value creation.
About The Author
Athula Ginige
Athula Ginige is Professor of Information Technology at Western Sydney University (WSU), Australia, and leads the Social Computing and Knowledge Ecosystems Research Program at WSU’s School of Computer, Data, and Mathematical Sciences. His current research on digital knowledge ecosystems focuses on autonomous and participatory sensor networks, knowledge aggregation and event detection, large-scale knowledge organizations based on ontologies and… Read More
Marie Fernando
Marie D. Fernando is a lecturer and postdoctoral researcher at Western Sydney University (WSU), Australia, where she teaches final-year undergraduate students through a core unit in social computing.  Dr. Fernando’s research focuses on the impact of social computing on business and society as a whole. Her industry experience comes from specializing and implementing quality assurance systems for international brands. Currently, Dr. Fernando is… Read More
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