Monetizing Data Through Informed, Collaborative Decision Making

Posted October 26, 2022 | Leadership | Amplify
collaborative decisions
Lori Silverman says we need to rethink our focus on data analytics. She points out that many enterprises are not achieving the ROI that they would like from their data science and analytics efforts. Silverman argues that we need to think more broadly about optimizing the decision-making processes throughout our organizations, rather than continuing to pour resources into hardware, software, and human resources in hopes of better data-driven insights. She explains how to design an end-to-end process that helps people throughout the enterprise define key questions, mine data for crucial insights, and develop recommendations based on those insights. Finally, she describes how we can communicate our conclusions to others much more effectively through narrative storytelling.
About The Author
Lori Silverman
Lori Silverman is Shift Strategist and CEO of Partners for Progress, where she has helped enterprises from 16 to 1 million in size strategize about their future; navigate messy, complex changes; make smarter decisions with data; and lead with story. Since 1991, Ms. Silverman has worked in 25 industries, with such enterprises as Chevron, McDonalds, Target, American Family Insurance, Wells Fargo, Phillips North America, and the US Air Force. She… Read More
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