Separating Myth from Reality in Software Projects

Posted April 14, 2020 in Business Agility & Software Engineering Excellence
Myths and Realities
Historically, many projects concentrated their efforts on people, process, and technology. However, a vast amount of projects still fail to fully address the data and information aspects of their efforts. Many projects have failed due to this oversight, while others have left a wake of data quality issues that put long-term burdens on business processes and subsequent projects. It is useful to understand some of the common yet erroneous beliefs associated with projects. Believing such myths has caused many projects to fail because project teams did not account for the reality in their plans and budget. In this Advisor, we examine some of these myths and realities, along with their solutions.
About The Author
Danette McGilvray
Danette McGilvray is President and Principal of Granite Falls Consulting, Inc., a firm that helps organizations increase their success by addressing the information quality and data governance aspects of their business efforts. Focusing on bottom-line results, Ms. McGilvray and her team promote the intentional management of information assets with the same rigor used to manage other company assets such as products and human and financial… Read More
Masha Bykin
Ms. Bykin has spent two decades practicing software engineering, IT architecture, data warehousing, and business intelligence in the diverse industries of contact center, software, automotive, and insurance services. She spent three years on a data governance program, working directly with business to initiate and evolve the program, which supported many projects and had broad organizational participation. In her current role as Data Delivery… Read More
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