A New Security Target: Dynamic Resilience

Posted September 30, 2021 | Leadership |
A Kintsugi pottery cup that's been broken and repaired with gold
As the security focus switches from confidentiality to integrity and authenticity, we must change our approach. Instead of trying to predict and avoid every possible threat before embracing connectivity, we must move to accept that risks are unpredictable and dynamic, and that the best defense is to be alert to changes in circumstances, adaptive to changes in risk, and resilient in the face of failure.
About The Author
Jon Geater
Jon Geater is cofounder and CTO of Jitsuin, where he applies his expertise in cryptography, cybersecurity, and blockchain to the challenging issues of the Internet of Things and digital transformation. With 20+ years’ experience in commercial crypto, hardware, and cyber security — leading technology and product teams at the cutting edge of technology and security innovation — he is dedicated to furthering the industry through open collaboration… Read More
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